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Chilean Business: Sources of Information

Compiled by Craig Schroer

Capitalizing upon its image as an economically and politically stable country with a variety of promising markets, Chile is energetically campaigning to expand its business presence internationally. Much of the governmental effort has been directed toward petitioning for inclusion in trading blocs such as NAFTA and MERCOSUR, while Chilean business entourages have toured the U.S. on a city-by-city basis seeking to stimulate interest in U.S.-Chilean business collaborations. Both this eagerness to participate in the global economy and Chile's relative stability in the aftermath of the Mexican peso devaluation of December 1994 have further improved perceptions abroad. This bibliography is intended to provide a broad sampling of recent materials pertaining to business in Chile. The majority of materials cited herein are located in the Benson Latin American Collection stacks with a few exceptions as noted.


Censo de población y vivienda: Chile 1992: resultados generales. Santiago: Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas, 1992.
Statistics pertaining to population by age, sex, occupation, literacy, basic standard of living information (e.g., number of people in household, gas, electricity, water) and ethnic and religious groups.

Compendio estadistícas regionales. Santiago de Chile: MIDEPLAN, División de Planificación Regional, 1993-.
This source offers statistical information broken down by geographical regions which are assigned roman numerals I - XII, plus the acronym ŇRMÓ (i.e., Región Metropolitana). However, nowhere in the book does it identify these geographical regions by name: I - Tarapacá; II - Antofagasta; III - Atacama; IV - Coquimbo; V - Valparaíso; VI - Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins; VII - Maule; VIII - Biobío; IX - La Araucanía; X - Los Lagos; XI - Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo; XII Magallanes; La Antártica Chilena.

Chile, Marketing and Financial Statistics. Santiago: TIME: América Economía, 1990-.
Statistics divided by geographical region. See previous citation for names of regions.
HC/191/C455/LAC Most recent edition available: 1990/91

Economic and Financial Report. Santiago: Dirección de Política Financiera, Banco Central de Chile.
A monthly publication tracking national economic statistics. Includes consumer-price index, wholesale-price index, balance of payments by quarter, exports by type of economic activity, government sector's money stock, industrial sales and production indexes, national employment/unemployment, and many other official statistics.
HC/191/E266/LAC Issues for 1995 are available

Encuesta nacional del empleo, 1986-1991: total país. Santiago: Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas, 1992.
Employment statistics by region.

Coloma C., Fernando. Mercado laboral: reflexiones sobre su evolución reciente. Santiago de Chile: Centro de Estudios Públicos, 1993.
Primarily statistics but also includes textual information about labor regulations, collective bargaining, strikes, employment/unemployment, employment by job sector, and salaries.

Economía y trabajo en Chile. Santiago: PET, 1991-.
A substantial annual statistical publication.
HC/191/E28/LAC Most recent edition available: 1992/93

Estadísticas del cobre y otros minerales. Santiago de Chile: Comisión Chilena del Cobre.


Directorio de empresas y ejecutivos. Santiago: Comercial I.T.V., 1978-.
Describes the activities of 4000 companies and names their top executives.
HF/5500.3/C5/D573/LAC Most recent edition available: 1992

Export Directory of Chile. Directorio de la exportación. Santiago: Pro Chile.
Information about exports and exporters in English, Spanish, French, and German. Lists embassies and consulates of Chile around the world.
HF/3413/E877/LAC Most recent edition available: 1994

Expo Services. Santiago: PROCHILE.
Index of Chilean exporters in alphabetical order including address, telephone, telex, fax number, and list of services/products offered.
HF/3413/E872/LAC Most recent edition available: 1990/1991

Directorio industrial de Chile: fabricantes, productos y servicios. Santiago: Sociedad de Fomento Fabril.1987-. Alphabetical listing by product/service and additional listing by company name. HC/191/D573/LAC Most recent edition available: 1989-90


NOTE: The following periodicals are listed in order of their emphasis on Chilean business.

Country Profile: Chile. London: EIU, the Economist Intelligence Unit. 1986-.
HC/191/A6/Q312/LAC Recent issues in Periodicals Reading Area; others in Benson Collection stacks

Country Report: Chile. London: EIU, the Economist Intelligence Unit. 1986-.
"Analysis of economic and political trends every quarter."
HC/196/A6/Q372/LAC Recent issues in Periodicals Reading Area; others in Benson Collection stacks

APSI: actualidad nacional e internacional. Santiago de Chile: APSI.
AP/63.8/A674/LAC Recent issues in Periodicals Reading Area; others in Benson Collection stacks

CEPAL Review. Santiago: United Nations, Economic Commission for Latin America.
HC/161/C123/LAC Recent issues in Periodicals Reading Area; others in Benson Collection stacks

The Journal of the Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce. Santiago: Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce. 1989-.
HF/300/C5/J687/LAC Most recent edition available: Nov. 1994

Business Conditions, Policy, and Strategies

Bartell, Ernest J. Business Perceptions and the Transition to Democracy in Chile. Notre Dame, IN: Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame, 1992.

Benítez, Andrés. Chile al ataque. Santiago de Chile: Zig-Zag, 1991.
Review of the variety of means by which Chile has tried to favorably position itself within the world market.

Los nuevos líderes: el liderazgo empresarial de Chile en Latinoamérica y quiénes están en ello. Santiago de Chile: Zig-Zag; 1992.

Cuadra, Sergio de la. The Timing and Sequencing of a Trade Liberalization Policy: The Case of Chile. Santiago: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Instituto de Economía, Oficina de Publicaciones, 1988.
Includes a substantial appendix of tables concerning trade liberalization from 1956-1981.

Díaz Villamil Gómez, Ximena. Talleres productivos de mujeres: de la organización social a la microempresa. Santiago: Ediciones CEM, 1990.

Estrategia comercial chilena para la década del 90: elementos para el debate. Santiago: CIEPLAN, 1992.
Separate essays on trade between Chile and the United States, Europe, Japan, and Latin America. Also, essays on trade agreements, trading blocs, exports, and the environment from a Chilean perspective.

Hidalgo, Javier. Metodologías de trabajo en organizaciones chilenas con programas para microempresas. Chile: PREALC, 1991.
This book addresses in particular the role of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in supporting Chilean small businesses.

Montecinos, Verónica. Economic Policy Elites and Democratic Consolidation. Notre Dame, IN: Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame, 1993.
A brief, working paper about Chile, democratization and economic policy.

Ominami, Carlos. La inserción de Chile en los mercados internacionales: elementos para la evaluación del desarrollo exportador y propuesta de políticas. Santiago: Dos Mundos, 1989?
Includes many tables pertaining to export relations with foreign countries. However, these figures are only current to 1986-87.

Propiedad industrial e intelectual y desarrollo tecnológico. Santiago de Chile: Instituto de Estudios Internacionales, Universidad de Chile, 1991.
Numerous chapters devoted to intellectual property rights in relation to industrial development as based upon Chilean experiences.

Revolución tecnológica y reestructuración productiva. Impactos y desafíos territoriales. Buenos Aires: Grupo Editor Latinoamericano, 1990.
Includes three chapters specifically about Chile, and other broader chapters discussing high technology in the context of restructuring, development, and regulation.

Riquelme, Silvia. Cómo ganar dinero en Chile: empresarios revelan el secreto de su éxito. Santiago de Chile: Zig-Zag, 1994.
Success stories of thirty-four Chilean business leaders.

Trade Liberalization in Chile: Experiences and Prospects. New York: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 1992.
HF/1515/T725/1992/Public Affairs Library

United States. General Accounting Office. Chilean Trade: Factors Affecting U.S. trade and Investment: Report to the Chairman, Subcommittee on International Economic Policy and Trade, Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives. Washington, DC: 1992.
DOCS/GA1.13:GGD-92-106 MCFICHE Public Affairs Library - U.S. Documents

Wisecarver, Daniel L. El modelo económico chileno. Panamá, Panamá; San Francisco, CA: Centro Internacional para el Desarrollo Económico; Chile: Instituto de Economía de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 1992.
Essays on all aspects of Chilean business practices: regulation/deregulation; modernization; national and foreign investment; competition; development. The frame of reference is primarily the time period, 1970-1989.


Bartell, Ernest J., Privatization: The Role of Domestic Business. Notre Dame, IN: Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame, 1993.
HD/4098/D47/1993 /LAC

Después de las privatizaciones: hacia el estado regulador. Santiago: CIEPLAN, 1993.
Discusses impact of privatization in such sectors as public finance, social welfare, electric utility regulation, and fishing regulation.
HD/4098/D47/1993 /LAC

Estado empresario y privatización en Chile. Santiago de Chile: Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas, Centro de Desarrollo, 1990.
Begins with a brief history from 1810-1970 after which the majority of the book is dedicated to those changes occurring between 1970-1990. Includes a substantial appendix of statistics and charts.

Hachette, Dominique. Privatization in Chile: An Economic Appraisal. San Francisco, CA: ICS Press, 1993.
This work includes case studies of CAP (Compañía de Acero del Pacífico, S.A.) and ENDESA (Empresa Nacional de Electricidad, S.A.) in the context of privatization.

Meller, Patricio. A Review of Chilean Privatization Experience. Austin, TX: Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Texas at Austin, 1993.
A brief (i.e., 19 pages) overview of privatization in Chile, with bibliography.

Environmental Concerns

Ambiente y desarrollo. Santiago: CIPMA, Centro de Investigación y Planificación del Medio Ambiente, 1984-.
HC/79/E5/A4344 Issues for 1995 are available

Difficult Liaison: Trade and the Environment in the Americas. Miami: North-South Center, University of Miami; New Brunswick, NJ: Distributed by Transaction Publishers, 1993.
Discusses the myriad aspects of trade and environment in Latin America, including a chapter specifically about Chile.

Seminario Sector Pesquero (1990). Ciclo "Acción ambiental, obstáculo o impulso al desarrollo?": Seminario Sector Pesquero, 7-8 Septiembre 1990. Santiago? Centro de Investigación y Planificación del Medio Ambiente, 1990.

Labor movement

Chile, inversión para el crecimiento equitativo. Chile: PREALC, Regional Employment Program for Latin America and the Caribbean, Programa Mundial del Empleo, 1990.
Discusses wage equity in conjunction with investment and development.

Frías F., Patricio. Construcción del sindicalismo chileno como actor nacional. 2 vols. Santiago de Chile: Central Unitaria de Trabajadores, CUT; Programa de Economía del Trabajo, PET, 1993.
A two-volume set comprising 112 pages in total, divided by years of coverage, 1973-1988, and 1989-1992.

Ruiz-Tagle P., Jaime. Una mirada crítica. los trabajadores en la democracia. Santiago: PET, 1993. A short book which touches upon most aspects of unionizing.

Foreign Trade

Rojas Aravena, Francisco. América Latina y la iniciativa para las Américas. Santiago: FLACSO-Chile, 1993. Chapter 5 is an essay entitled, "Chile y Estados Unidos: hacia un acuerdo de libre comercio."

United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on International Economic Policy and Trade. Beyond the Northern American Free Trade Agreement. Part I and Part II: Chile, the Caribbean, and Administrative Views: Hearings before the Subcommittees on International Economic Policy and Trade and Western Hemisphere Affairs of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, Second Session, May 12 and July 1, 1992. Washington, DC: 1993.
DOCS/Y4.F76/1:F87/5/PT.1/2/Public Affairs Library - U.S. Documents

United States. General Accounting Office. U.S.-Chilean Trade: Developments in the Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry Sectors: Report to the Chairman, Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives Washington, DC: 1993.

Foreign Investment

Aldunate, Rafael. El mundo en Chile: la inversión extranjera. Santiago de Chile: Zig-Zag, 1990.

Behrens, Roberto. Inversión extranjera y empresas transnacionales en la economía de Chile (1974-1989): el papel del capital extranjero y la estrategia nacional de desarrollo. Santiago de Chile: Naciones Unidas, Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe, 1992.

Berckholtz, Pablo. Inversión extranjera en América Latina: aspectos legales. Buenos Aires: Hammurabi Press, 1991.
One chapter (pages 79-94) is devoted to foreign investment in Chile and includes text of those sections of the law pertaining to foreign investment.

Chile. Estatuto de la inversión extranjera. English & Spanish. Estatuto de la inversión extranjera, Decreto ley no. 600. Foreign Investment Statute, Decree Law 600. 11a ed. bilingüe. Santiago: Departamento de Publicaciones e Informaciones del Banco Central de Chile, 1991.

Chile. Ley no. 18.657 Fondo de Inversión de Capital Extranjero (Ley no. 18.657). Foreign Capital Investment Fund (Law no. 18.657). Santiago: between 1990 and 1994.

Comité de Inversiones Extranjeras (Chile). Energy Investment Opportunities Santiago: 1992?
HD/9502/C52/C65/1992/LAC-Z Request in Rare Books Reading Room

________________. Infrastructure Investment Opportunities. Santiago: 1992?
HC/195/C3/C65/1992/LAC-Z Request in Rare Books Reading Room

Conference on Legal Aspects of Foreign Investment in Latin America: The Case of Chile (1992: Washington, DC) Conference on Legal Aspects of Foreign Investment in Latin America: The Case of Chile: [Proceedings]. Santiago de Chile: Foreign Investment Committee, 1992.
Covers topics such as general legal framework for foreign investment, taxation, mergers, acquisitions, and environmental issues.

Edwards, Sebastian. Capital Flows, Foreign Direct Investment, and Debt-Equity Swaps in Developing Countries. Cambridge, MA: National Bureau of Economic Research, 1990.
HB/1/N375/NO.3497/PCL stacks

Inversiones internacionales: seminario realizado 26-27 de marzo de 1991. Santiago: Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas, Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello; FINAMER Ltda, 1991.

Investment and Trade in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela. New York: Practising Law Institute, 1992.
LAW/KG/744/I58/1992 Law Library

Invirtiendo en Chile. Santiago: Banco Central de Chile, Comité de Inversiones Extranjeras, 1991.
A collection of essays by specialists, with sections on the various market sectors open to foreign investment; further divided into chapters which address the various aspects of a given sector.

Kline, John M.Foreign Investment Strategies in Restructuring Economies: Learning from Corporate Experiences in Chile. Westport, Conn.: Quorum Books, 1992.
A well indexed table of contents provides immediate access to those sections of the book where specific markets are addressed as well as strategic and general policy issues.

Mayorga Lorca, Roberto. Inversión extranjera en Chile. Santiago de Chile: Editorial Jurídica ConoSur, 1993.
LAW/KHF/1069/M39/1993/Law Library

Report of the Delegation to Argentina and Chile: New Opportunities for Exporters and Investors in the Fastest Growing Economies of South America. Washington, DC: American Bar Association, Section of International Law and Practice, International Legal Exchange Committee, 1994.
LAW/KF/341/R46/1994 Law Library

Rozas, Patricio. Inversión extranjera y empresas transnacionales en la economía de Chile (1974-1989): proyectos de inversión y estrategias de las empresas transnacionales. Santiago de Chile: Naciones Unidas, Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe, 1992.

Industry-Specific Publications

Chile. Comisión Nacional de Energía. El sector energía en Chile. Santiago, Chile: 1989.

Duhart E., Solange. Pesca industrial: sector estratégico y de alto riesgo. Santiago: Programa de Economía del Trabajo, Academia de Humanismo Cristiano, 1988.

Gana, Juanita. El sector frutícola: organización para la exportación. Santiago: Centro de Estudios del Desarrollo, 1987.

Maldifassi, José O. Defense Industries in Latin American Countries. Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Westport, Conn; Praeger; 1994.
Chapters on the weapons industry in Chile with comparative assessments of this industry relative to other Latin American countries, and the economic impact of high technology in this field.

Otero, Luis. Pueblos y aldeas rurales en el marco de las principales regiones agroproductivas del país. Santiago: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Instituto de Estudios Urbanos, 1990.

Portales, Diego. La dificultad de innovar: un estudio sobre las empresas de televisión en América Latina. Santiago de Chile: Instituto Latinoamericano de Estudios Transnacionales, between 1986 and 1987.

Rodríguez, Daniel. De praderas a parronales: un estudio sobre estructura agraria y mercado laboral en el Valle de Aconcagua. Santiago: Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano, Grupo de Estudios Agro-Regionales, 1989.

Sohr, Raśl. La industria militar chilena. Santiago: Comisión Sudamericana de Paz, 1990?
Chapters on the Army, Navy, and Air Force, including information on the weapons systems specific to each branch.

Valdés de Ferrari, Sebastián. El mercado de vino: historia de una industria regulada. Santiago: Departamento de Economía, Universidad de Chile, 1989.

Valdés M., César. Sistema frutícola chileno: estado actual y proposiciones agenda de discusión. Santiago: Centro de Estudios del Desarrollo, 1985.

Electronic Resources Pertaining to Chile

The single best source for finding sources of Chilean information available via the Internet is the UT-LANIC site (University of Texas - Latin American Network Information Center) at the URL (Universal Resource Locator):

The UT-LANIC site is arranged by country (e.g., Chile) and includes, among other things, online versions of the Chilean publications: COPESA - an electronic newspaper, and Diario Estrategia - a business newspaper.

Also available through UT-LANIC is the It-Is (International Trade and Information System) system. It-Is allows users to find data pertaining to international trade in over 1200 SITC (Standard International Trade Classification) product categories. Employing United Nations Trade Statistics, It-Is provides fast, timely import/export information pertaining to
forty-two of the world's largest trading nations.

Connect to It-Is via UT-LANIC by following the path:
/Joint Projects & Hosted Databases/International Trade and Information System/

Or, connect directly:
telnet to:
login: bulk1
password: tradeinfo

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