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No. 103, January 2000

Editor: Ann Hartness

Religion: Current Periodicals in the Benson Latin American Collection

Compiled by Oscar E. Delepiani

Religion is an important aspect of Latin American society, and many educational and research institutions are associated with a religious group or have a religious orientation. They produce many journals, magazines, and newsletters. This bibliography is a guide to the most current periodicals in the Benson Collection which emphasize religion. To find other similar periodicals in the online catalog you may do subject keyword searches which include the country name under subjects such as: Christianity, Church and social problems, Evangelicalism, Judaism, Jews, Missions, Pentecostalism, Protestantism, Protestants, Religion, Spiritualism, Theology, or the names of religious groups (ex.: Catholic Church; Baptists) and religious orders (ex.: Dominicans), and Periodicals. You may also search the names of ethnic groups or countries combined with the word Religion.



Bibliografia bíblica latino-americana. São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brasil: Programa Ecumênico de Pós-Graduação em Ciências da Religião, 1989-. Vol. 1 (1988)-.
A bibliography of books and articles on the Bible, listing primarily Brazilian or other Latin American publications. Introductions to sections are in English, Portuguese and Spanish; includes several detailed indexes.
BS 517.2 B524 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Estudos bíblicos. Petrópolis, Brasil: Vozes, 1983-.
Research articles on interpretation of the Bible; each issue has a specific title or topic.
BT 83.57 E87 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Revista de interpretação bíblica latino-americana. Petrópolis, Brasil: Vozes. Three times a year.
Research articles on the reading and interpretation of the Bible in a Latin American context. Issues also have themes central to the articles in the issue. Published also in Spanish with title Revista de interpretación bíblica latinoamericana.
BT 83.57 R4852 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Ciudad nueva. Buenos Aires: Ciudad Nueva Editorial y Cultural.
General news periodical with a Christian orientation. Serves as an organ of the "Movimiento de los Focolares" and it is characterized by its testimonial-content type of articles. Published in 21 editions in 14 languages.
AP 63.9 C582 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Comunicações do ISER. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: Instituto de Estudos da Religião, 1982-. No. 1 (maio 1982)-.
Research articles about religion and social issues in general or in Brazil.
BL 7 C65 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Conflitos no campo, Brasil. Goiânia, Brasil: Comissão Pastoral da Terra. Annual.
Articles about social issues and human rights among the agricultural laborers in Brazil; sponsored by the Catholic Church in Brazil.
HN 39 B8 C66 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

CRIE. México: Centro Regional de Informaciones Ecuménicas, 1976-. Monthly.
HN 39 L3 C68 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Documento. México, DF: Centro Regional de Informaciones Ecuménicas.
HN 39 L3 D628 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

The two newsletters above publish similar type of news and short articles about social issues and human rights in Latin America or about Catholic topics.

Persona y sociedad. Santiago: Instituto Latinoamericano de Doctrina y Estudios Sociales, 1987?-. No. 1 (1987)-. Three times a year.
Research articles about social issues in Chile and Latin America; its main objective is to offer a vehicle for academic analysis on the relationships between society, culture and ethics. Book reviews. After 1997 published jointly with Universidad Alberto Hurtado, a Jesuit university.
H 62.5 L2 P488 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Páginas. Lima: Centro de Estudios y Publicaciones, 1976-. No. 1 (1976)-. Bimonthly.
Research articles on ethical and social issues in Latin America, the Catholic Church and liberation theology. Book reviews.
HN 30 P255 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Phronesis. México: Centro Antonio de Montesinos, 1995- . Año 1, no. 1 (1995). Three issues yearly.
The objective of this journal is to serve as a vehicle for the understanding and analysis of today's society with the help of the social sciences and theology. Short, research articles, many pertaining to Mexico.
BT 738 P479 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Religião e sociedade. São Paulo, Brasil: Instituto de Estudos da Religião, 1977-. No. 1 (maio 1977)-. Semiannual.
Research articles on religion, religious groups and social issues in Brazil and Latin America. Abstracts in English. Book reviews.
HN 30 R45 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Revista. Buenos Aires: Centro de Investigación y Acción Social, 1969-. Monthly.
Short research articles about social, moral and political issues, primarily in Argentina and Latin America; also articles on Catholic and ecumenical religious topics. Continues CIAS.
HN 110.5 R48 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Sociedad y religión. Buenos Aires: Asociación de Cientistas Sociales de las Regiones en el Cono Sur, 1985-. 1 (sept. 1985)-.
Research articles on sociology, anthropology and history as they relate to religion in the Southern Cone. Most articles in Spanish, some in Portuguese; some are translations. Summaries in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Book reviews.
BR 115 W6 S564 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Sociedad y utopía. Buenos Aires: Encuentro Cristiano, 1990-. Año 1, no. 1 (jun. 1990)-.
Short articles about social and Christian issues, particularly in Argentina.
HN 110.5 A57 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Esquila misional. México: Misioneros Combonianos del Corazón de Jesús, 1968-. No. 1 (1968)-. Monthly.
Articles about the work of the Comboni Missionaries in Latin America or Africa, and about Catholic issues.
G266.205 ES68 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Maryknoll. Maryknoll, NY: Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, 1939-. Vol. 33, no. 5 (May 1939)-. Monthly.
A magazine about the work of Maryknoll missionaries worldwide and in Latin America. Published also in Spanish with title Revista Maryknoll. Continues Far Afield.
BV 2300 C35 M379 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Misión hoy. Caracas: Obras Misionales Pontificias de Venezuela, 1994-. No. 1 (abr.-jun. 1994)-. Quarterly.
A magazine about the work of the Capuchin missions, primarily in Venezuela. Continues Venezuela misionera.
BV 2853 V4 M574 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

NTM@work. Sanford, FL: New Tribes Mission, 2000-. Vol. 57, no. 5 (Jan.-Feb. 2000)-. Bimonthly.
Articles about the work of the fundamentalist Protestant missionary group New Tribes Mission, primarily among indigenous groups worldwide, including Latin America. Continues Brown Gold.
BV 2000 B76 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Latin America Evangelist. Coral Gables, FL: Latin America Mission. Began in 1921. Quarterly.
Articles about the work of missionaries of the Latin America Mission and on evangelicalism.
G226.05 L349 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Bibliografía teológica comentada del área iberoamericana. Buenos Aires: Instituto Superior Evangélico de Estudios Teológicos, 1974-. Vol. 1-2 (1973/74)-. Annual.
An ongoing bibliography on theology and Christianity; includes a detailed index of topics and a list of titles indexed. Most entries are not annotated.
BR 10 B536 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

ITER. Caracas: Instituto de Teología para Religiosos, 1990-. Año 1, no. 1 (enero-jun. 1990)-. Semiannual.
Research articles about theology and the Catholic Church, with emphasis on Venezuela. Book reviews.
BR 7 I84 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Nuevo mundo. San Antonio de Padua, Argentina: Biblioteca "Fr. Mamerto Esquiú" de la Provincia Franciscana de la Asunción del Río de la Plata, 1971-.
General articles on theology, the Franciscan order and the Catholic Church; also articles about the Catholic Church and religion in Latin America and in Argentina.
BR 7 N83 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Revista latinoamericana de teología. San Salvador: Centro de Reflexión Teológica, Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas, 1984-.
Research articles on theology, liberation theology and the Catholic Church. Book reviews.
BT 30 L37 R48 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Soleriana. Montevideo: Instituto Teológico del Uruguay Monseñor Mariano Soler, 1995-. Año 19, no. 1-2-.
Research by the faculty of the Institute about theology and Catholic dogma. Continues Libro anual.
BR 7 I584 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Teología y vida. Santiago: Universidad Católica de Chile, Facultad de Teología, 1960-. Vol. 1 (enero/marzo 1960)-. Quarterly.
Research journal about theology. Abstracts in English and Spanish.
G282.05 T264 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Actualidad pastoral. Buenos Aires: BONUM, 1968-. Began in 1968. Monthly.
An informative journal about general topics on the Catholic Church, news, and doctrine. Emphasis on Argentina and Latin America.
-Q- BX 1425 A1 A27 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Allpanchis. Cusco, Peru: Instituto de Pastoral Andina, 1972-. No. 4 (1972)-. Two numbers a year.
Research articles primarily about social issues within the Indian communities in the Andean region and the involvement of the Catholic Church with these communities. Continues Allpanchis phuturinqa.
F 3429 A48 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Amanecer. Managua: Centro Ecuménico Antonio Valdivieso, 1981-. No. 1 (mayo de 1981)-. Ten numbers a year.
Articles on Christianity and the Catholic Church and social issues in Nicaragua.
BX 1442 A1 A426 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Anthropos Venezuela. Los Teques, Venezuela: Instituto Superior Salesiano de Filosofía y Educación, 1989-.
Research journal on philosophy and education, frequently including articles on Catholic and Christian topics, many pertaining to Venezuela. Continues Anthropos.
B 5 A573 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Anuario de historia de la Iglesia. Pamplona, España: Instituto de Historia de la Iglesia, Facultad de Teología, Universidad de Navarra, 1992-. 1 (1992)-. Annual.
Comprehensive research articles about the history of the Catholic Church, some pertaining to the history of the Church in Latin America. Articles primarily in Spanish; some in other European languages. Extensive section of book reviews.
BX 940 A58 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Anuario de la Academia Boliviana de Historia Eclesiástica. Sucre, Bolivia: 1995-. 1 (1995)-.
Research articles about the history of the Catholic Church in Bolivia.
BX 1464 A1 A58 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Anuario de historia de la Iglesia en Chile. Santiago: Seminario Pontificio Mayor and Sociedad de Historia de la Iglesia en Chile, 1983-. Vol. 1, no. 1 (1983)-. Annual.
Research articles about the history of the Catholic Church in Chile; includes extensive lists of sources, bibliographies and indexes.
BX 1468 A1 A582 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Archivo ibero-americano. Madrid: Franciscanos Españoles, 1914-. Vol. 1, no. 1 (1914)-. Three times a year.
Research articles about the Franciscan order in Spain and in Latin America, general Church history and Latin American history.
G282.05 AR25 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Boletim. São Paulo: Comisión de Estudios de Historia de la Iglesia en Latinoamérica, 1984-. No. 25 (jan. a julho de 1984)-.
Research articles on the history of the Brazilian Jesuit Province, occasionally reproducing some of the documents held in the Archive. In Portuguese, continues a Boletín, published in Spanish by the Secretaría Ejecutiva of the Comisión de Estudios de Historia de la Iglesia en Latinoamérica.
-Q- BL 2580 C665 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Boletín. San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, México: Instituto de Asesoría Antropológica para la Región Maya, 1981-. 1 (1981)-.
Research about the history of the Catholic Church in Chiapas based on documents held in the Archivo Histórico Diocesano in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas.
BX 1427 A1 B454 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Boletín del Arzobispado de Lima. Lima: El Arzobispado, 1978-. Año 1, no. 1 (agosto de 1978)-. Monthly.
Articles about the Archdiocese of Lima, the Catholic Church and religion in general.
BX 1485 L4 L558 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Ciudad de Dios. Madrid: Monasterio de San Lorenzo del Escorial, 1975-. Vol. 152, año 56, no. 1 (enero-feb. 1936)-.
Research articles about the Augustinian order, theology, philosophy and the Catholic Church. Continues a publication with the same title, which merged with España América, in 1928 to form Religión y cultura, and resumed publication under its original title in 1936.
BX 2901 C58 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Comunicado mensal da Conferência Nacional dos Bispos do Brasil. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: A Conferência. Monthly.
Publishes articles about the activities and events of the Catholic dioceses in Brazil as well as other articles and documents pertinent to these institutions. It is organized in the following sections: the Holy Father, the Holy See, CELAM (Latin American Episcopal Council), the Bishops' Conference, related organizations, bishops and dioceses and diocesan events.
BX 805 C58A LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Criterio. Buenos Aires: Editorial Surgo, 1928-. Año 1, no. 1 (8 marzo 1928)-. Biweekly.
A cultural magazine with a Catholic point of view; articles are about issues of interest to all Catholics. Book reviews.
G056.82 C869 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Cultura e fé. Porto Alegre, Brasil: Instituto de Desenvolvimento Cultural, 1978-. Ano 1, no. 1 (abril/junho 1978)-. Quarterly.
Articles about the relationship between Christianity and culture, primarily on aducation, politics, philosophy, theology, science and literature; Catholic orientation.
BR 115 C8 C83 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Diakonia. Managua: Centro Ignaciano de Centro América. Quarterly.
Research articles on the Catholic Church and its involvement with social issues in Central America; also general articles on religion and human rights.
BX 1432 A1 D524 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Documenta Iesuitica. Buenos Aires: Luis Pérez-Cuesta Romero, 1994-. Año 1, no. 1 (enero 1995)-. Quarterly.
A brief bulletin which describes manuscripts and printed matter, dating from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries, related to the history of the Jesuit Provinces of Paraguay, Tucumán and Río de La Plata. Published in Prague, Czech Republic, after Jan. 1999.
BX 3714 A1 D63 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

En Marcha. Washington, DC: National Conference of Catholic Bishops; United States Catholic Conference, Secretariat for Hispanic Affairs. Bimonthly. In English and Spanish.
A newsletter for the Catholic Hispanics in the United States.
BR 563 H57 E634 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Esplendor. Lima: Arzobispado de Lima, Departamento de Estadística y Publicaciones, 1995-. Año 1, no. 1 (sept. de 1995)-. Monthly.
Short articles about the Catholic Church and about activities of the Archdiocese and its involvement with the community. Brief announcements about new publications.
BX 1484 A1 E87 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Fe y justicia. Quito: Provincia Ecuatoriana de la Compañía de Jesús and Fundación Mariana de Jesús, 1996-. No. 1 (dic. 1996)-. Three issues a year.
"Christian thought in dialog with society and culture." Numbers have themes about general Catholic issues or about topics pertaining to Ecuador.
BX 3713.5 F49 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Franciscanum. Bogotá: Colegio Mayor de San Buenaventura, 1959-.
Research articles about the Catholic Church, theology and philosophy. Book reviews. Issued by the Facultad de Filosofía and the Facultad de Teología of the Universidad de San Buenaventura, 1985-.
G230.2 F844 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Humanitas. Santiago: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 1996-. No. 1 (enero/marzo 1996)-. Quarterly.
Research articles about Catholic dogma, the Catholic Church, cultural and social issues. Includes sections with short news about issues of interest to Catholics and reviews of new books and films.
BX 1397 H86 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Houston Catholic Worker. Houston, Texas: Casa Juan Diego, 1981-. Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 5, 1981)-.
A monthly tabloid, in English and in Spanish, of the Catholic Worker Movement in Houston, published by the Casa Juan Diego. The Spanish section has for title "Trabajador católico de Houston," and is printed back-to-back with the English section. The articles are not translations of each other, the ones in Spanish intended for Hispanics living in Texas and Southwest.
-Q- BX 810 C393 H688 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Iglesia, pueblos y culturas. Quito: Ediciones Abya-Yala, 1981-. No. 1 (1981)-.
Primarily articles about the Catholic Church in Latin America and about missionary work, with occasional articles about other religious denominations. Issues are frequently monographic with distinctive titles or topics.
BX 1426.2 I345 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

ITAICI. Indaiatuba, SP, Brazil: Edições Loyola, 1989-. No. 1 (1991)-. Three times a year. Issued by Centro de Espiritualidade Inaciana de ITAICI.
Short articles on the Catholic Church or on issues of interest to Catholics. Book reviews.
BX 2350.65 I83 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 1993-. Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 1993)-. Quarterly.
Published by the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States. Research articles, primarily in English and occasionally in Spanish, about the Catholic Church, theology and religion in general, and about religion among Hispanics in the United States and in Latin America. Articles in Spanish have summaries in English.
BX 1407 H55 J684 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Medellín. Medellín, Colombia: Instituto Teológico-Pastoral del CELAM, 1975-. Vol. 1 (mar. 1975)-. Quarterly.
Research journal on theology and pastoral issues of the Catholic Church in Latin America. Issues include a section listing relevant articles from international journals.
BX 805 M444 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Mensaje. Santiago: [s.n.], 1951-. Vol. 1, no. 1 (oct. 1951)-. Monthly.
General cultural articles and articles about Chile with a Christian focus. Published by the Jesuit order in Chile. Book reviews.
G282.05 M528 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Noticias aliadas. Lima: Noticias Aliadas. Weekly.
A newsletter about the Catholic Church in Latin America; also includes news about current events and social issues. Published in English with title: Latin America Press.
F 1401 N862 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Numen. Juiz de Fora, Brasil: Editora UFJF and Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisa da Religião, 1998-. V. 1, n. 1 (jul.-dez. 1998)-. Two times a year.
Research articles about religion and religious groups and the Catholic Church.
BL 7 N86 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Paramillo. San Cristóbal, Venezuela: Universidad Católica del Táchira, Centro Estudios Interdisciplinarios, 1983-. No. 1 (1983)-.
Research journal on the history of the Catholic Church and the Jesuits, primarily in Venezuela, has occasional articles about the Catholic Church in other Latin American countries or about Venezuelan history.
AS 90 A1 P372 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Perspectiva teológica. São Leopoldo, Brasil: Faculdade de Teologia Cristo Rei, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos. 1969-. Ano 1, no. 1 (julho/dez. 1969)-. Three times a year.
Research articles on theology, the Catholic Church and the Jesuit order; occasionally includes articles pertaining to Brazil.
BL 7 P488 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Presencia ecuménica. Caracas: Acción Ecuménica, 1985-. No. 1 (sept. 1985)-. Quarterly.
Informative articles of general interest about religion, social and moral issues in Venezuela; Catholic orientation.
BX 1 P747 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Revista. Quito: Instituto de Historia Eclesiástica Ecuatoriana, 1974-. No. 1 (1974)-. Annual.
Research articles about the history of the Catholic Church in Ecuador. Issued jointly with the Facultad de Teología of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador.
BX 1472 A1 R484 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Revista Archivo Arzobispal de Arequipa. Arequipa, Peru, 1994-. No. 1 (1994)-. Annual.
Research articles on the history of the Church in Arequipa or describing the archival collections. Book reviews
BX 1484 A1 R48 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Revista eclesiástica brasileira. Petrópolis, Brasil: Editora Vozes Ltda., 1941-. No. 1 (1941)-. Quarterly.
Research journal about theology, Catholic issues, and the Franciscans in Brazil. Published by the Província da Imaculada Conceição do Brasil and the Instituto Teológico Franciscano.
G 282.05 R327 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Revista javeriana. Bogotá: Provincia Colombiana de la Compañía de Jesús, 1977-. Vol. 87, no. 434 (may. 1977)-. Monthly.
Research articles on Colombian issues and other current topics with a Catholic view point. Continues Javeriana.
BX 3701 R484 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Revista teológica limense. Lima: Facultad de Teología Pontificia y Civil de Lima.
Research articles primarily about the Catholic Church and theology, and occasionally about other religious denominations. Book reviews.
BX 1751.2 F27A LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Servicio. Santiago: Comisión Pastoral del Episcopado de Chile, 1976-. Enero/feb. 1976-. Monthly.
Articles about the Catholic Church in Chile and pastoral theology. Published by Conferencia Episcopal de Chile after 1985-.
BX 1468 A1 S478 Benson Collection stacks

Sic. Caracas: Centro Gumilla, 1938-. No. 1 (1938)-. 10 nos. a year.
A Catholic magazine about Venezuelan issues, primarily political, economic and social, and including articles about Catholic topics and the Catholic Church. Book reviews. Issued jointly with Centro de Investigación y Acción Social, Jan. 1968-.
G056.87 SI12 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Teocomunicação. Porto Alegre: Instituto de Teologia, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, 1970-. Quarterly.
Religion and theology research journal; Catholic orientation.
BX 805 T35 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Teología y vida. Santiago: Universidad Católica de Chile, Facultad de Teología, 1960-. Vol. 1 (enero/marzo 1960)-. Quarterly.
Research articles on Catholic dogma and theology. Book reviews. Summaries in English and Spanish.
G282.05 T264 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Texas Catholic Historian. Austin, TX: Texas Catholic Historical Society, 1996-. Spring 1996-. Three issues yearly.
A newsletter about the Society and about issues related to the Catholic Church in Texas, includes articles about Hispanic American Catholics.
BX 1415 T4 T4926 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Theologica Xaveriana. Bogotá: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Facultad de Teología, 1975-. Año 25, no. 1-. Quarterly.
Research articles about theology and the Catholic Church, in general and in Colombia. Continues: Ecclesiastica Xaveriana.
BX 880 E32 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Vida y espiritualidad. Lima: Asociación Centro Cultural de Investigaciones y Publicaciones, 1985-. Año 1, n. 1 (mayo-agosto 1985)-.
General research articles about the Catholic Church and related issues affecting the Church in Latin America. Book reviews.
BX 2350.2 V49 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

El Visitante dominical. Huntington, IN: Our Sunday Visitor Inc., 1974-. Weekly.
Tabloid with brief news-type articles of interest to Hispanic Catholics.
-Q- BX 805 V484 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Voces del tiempo. Guatemala: Sociedad para el Estudio de la Religión en Guatemala, 1992-. No. 1 (enero-marzo de 1992)-. Quarterly.
Short informative articles about the Catholic Church in Guatemala and Central America, or about religion and social conditions of indigenous groups in the area.
BL 60 V63 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


ASA. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: Associação Scholem Aleichem de Cultura e Recreação, 1989-. Bimonthly.
Short articles on intellectual and cultural topics pertaining to Judaism and to Jews, worldwide and in Brazil, and about the activities of the Association.
-Q- F 2659 J5 A83 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Coloquio. Buenos Aires: Congreso Judío Latinoamericano, 1979-. Año 1, no. 1 (abr. 1979)-. Three times a year.
Research articles about Jews and Judaism, or about Jews in Latin America.
DS 101 C5696 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Indice para el análisis de nuestro tiempo. Buenos Aires: Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas, Centro de Estudios Sociales, 1988-. 2. Epoca, no. 1 (nov. 1988)-. Three times a year.
Research articles about Jews and Judaism, ethnicity and cultural identity, prejudice and discrimination, and human rights. Abstracts in English and French. Continues Indice.
HM 7 I5242 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Integração. Sao Paulo, Brasil: Confederação Israelita do Brasil, 1992-. No. 1 (maio 1992)-. Monthly.
News about Jews and Judaism in Brazil.
DS 135 B6 I58 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

La luz. Buenos Aires: Elnecave, 1931-. Began Mar. 13, 1931. Semimonthly.
Brief, news articles about Jews, Jews in Argentina and Judaism.
F 3021 J5 L999 LAC - Z • Benson Collection Rare Books Reading Room

Menorah. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: Editorial Menorah. Monthly.
News and events about Jews in the Rio de Janeiro area and Judaism.
DS 101 M45 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Morasha. São Paulo, Brasil: Congregação e Beneficência Safardi Paulista. Quarterly.
News and short articles about Judaism, Jews and Sephardim.
DS 101 M673 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Nueva Sión. Buenos Aires: Fundación Mordejai Anilevich. Began in 1948. Semimonthly.
Tabloid-format publication, with articles about Judaism and Jews in general, and in Argentina; Zionist orientation.
-Q- F 3021 J5 N8383 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Plural. Sarmiento, Argentina: Sociedad Hebraica Argentina. 1976-. Quarterly.
An informative magazine about Jewish issues and events related to the Jewish community in Argentina. Includes a supplement with title "Davar." Book reviews.
F 3021 J5 P54 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Raíces. Buenos Aires: Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, 1991-. Año 1, no. 1 (primavera 1991)-. Quarterly.
A cultural magazine about contemporary Jewish issues.
F 3021 J5 R257 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Revista de oriente y occidente. Jerusalem: Sociedad Oriente y Occidente, 1974-. Vol. 1, no. 1 (jul. 1974)-.
Short research articles about Jews in Latin America, Judaism and Israel.
DS 135 L29 R48 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Sefárdica. Buenos Aires: Centro de Investigación y Difusión de la Cultura Sefaradí, 1984-. Año 1, no. 1 (marzo de 1984)-. Semiannual.
Research articles about Sephardim and other Jews in Latin America and about Judaism. Summaries in English.
F 1419 J4 S39 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Tribuna judaica. Ed. Nacional. São Paulo, Brasil: Nimitz & Rechtman Editores, 1997-. Biweekly.
Tabloid-format, contains news or short articles about Jews and Judaism, and about the Jewish community in the São Paulo metropolitan area.
-Q- F 2659 J5 S6 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Boletín teológico. México: Fraternidad Teólogica Latinoamericana, Began in 1981? Quarterly.
Promotes discussion about the Gospels and their significance to the Church and society in the Latin American context. Published in Lima, Peru after 1997.
BR 7 B643 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Caminos. Lima: Centro Cristiano de Promoción y Servicios, 1984-. Año 1, no. 1 (jul. 1984)-.
Short, interdisciplinary research articles on the evangelical church, and on the relationships between culture, religion, theology and the missions with society in Latin America.
BR 1642 L29 C245 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Caribbean Journal of Religious Studies. Kingston: United Theological College of the West Indies, 1975-. Vol. 1 (Sept. 1975)-. Semiannual.
Articles on religious and pastoral issues affecting the Caribbean peoples. Articles in English, French, Spanish or Dutch. Book reviews.
BR 640 C365 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Challenge. Washington, DC: Ecumenical Program on Central America and the Caribbean, 1989-. Vol. 1, no. 1 (Aug. 1989)-. Three times a year.
A bulletin about Christianity, liberation theology and social problems in the Americas.
BR 620 C43 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Cristianismo y sociedad. Buenos Aires: Acción Social Ecuménica Latinoamericana, 1963-. Año 1, no. 1 (enero-abr. 1963)-. Quarterly.
Research articles on interdisciplinary analysis of religion and society in Latin America. Continues Iglesia y sociedad en América Latina.
G261.805 C868 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Cuadernos de teología. Buenos Aires: Instituto Superior Evangélico de Estudios Teológicos, 1970-. Año 1 (1970)-. Semiannual.
Research journal about theology, Christianity and social issues in Argentina. Formed by the union of Ekklesia, and Cuadernos teológicos.
G230.05 C891 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Vida y pensamiento. San José, Costa Rica: Seminario Bíblico Latinoamericano, 1981-. Semiannual.
Research articles on theology, Christianity and the Bible published by a theological-pastoral and interdenominational institution. Book reviews.
BR 7 V633 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

Xilotl. Managua: Centro Inter-Eclesial de Estudios Teológicos y Sociales 1988-. Año 1, no. 1 (mayo 1988)-.
Theology articles for reflection and training of leaders and pastors of the evangelical churches in Nicaragua. Published jointly with Seminario Teológico Bautista.
BT 83.57 X55 LAC • Benson Collection stacks


Alavança. Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil: União Municipal Espírita de Campinas. Monthly.
General news and short articles related to spiritualism in the São Paulo area. Book reviews. Published later by União das Sociedades Espíritas-Intermunicipal de Campinas
-Q- BF 1005 A85 LAC • Benson Collection stacks

A aliança. São Paulo, Brasil: União Municipal Espírita de Campinas. Bimonthly.
Short general articles on spiritualism and accounts, events and directory information related to spiritualism in Brazil. Founded by Sebastião Maggi da Fonseca; published later on by Aliança Espírita de Propaganda e Caridade.
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O clarim. Matão, São Paulo, Brasil: Centro Espírita "Amantes da Pobreza."
General news about the spiritualist movement in Brazil. Founded in 1905 by Cairbar de Souza Schutel.
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Correio fraterno do ABC. São Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, Brasil: Editora Espírita Correio Fraterno do ABC.
Founded in 1967. General short articles on spiritualism and its application to daily life, as well as articles on Christianity and general topics.
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Several indexes containing citations to information about religion in Latin America are available to all users on the UT Library Online (UTLOL) computer workstations. When accessed from outside of the General Libraries some databases require a valid UT ID. They are linked on the World Wide Web homepage at the following URL:

ATLA Religion Index
Handbook of Latin American Studies
Hispanic American Periodicals Index
Latin American Studies, vol. II

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