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Fall/Winter 2016 

Forging Ahead with the Foundry
Benson Enters HathiTrust
Grant Funds Historical Ages Site
Continuing to “Open”
New Leadership at Benson
Post-Custodial Preservation
Cardenal Comes to Benson
Pulp Fiction from Abroad
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Spring 2016 

A Serious Space
Peopling the Future
STEM Study Area
Film for Music
Scanning for Art's Sake
Year of Open
Hopper Conversation Tapes
Gillson-Longebaugh Gift
Campus Tech by the Libraries
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Spring/Summer 2015 

The Long View
NEH Grant for Primeros Libros
PCL Map Collection
Rwandan Website Launch
Learning Commons Opening
FAL Recording Studio Update
Benson, Long Unveiling
Fine Arts Zine Collection
Hamilton Winners Event
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Fall/Winter 2014 

Haricombe Takes Over
Modern Space for Modern Students
Center for Verse Opens
Pre-Mod, Pre-Med
The Libraries' Closet
Distinguished Author Dinner Recap
Interview with Cale McDowell
Campaign for Texas Wrapup
New Media Labs Open at PCL, FAL
A Poet in the Stacks
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Spring/Summer 2014 

Director Heath Retires
Inside Modern Texas Exhibit
Return to Rwanda
Heath Libraries Tomorrow Fund
Tejano Monument Archive
LLILAS Benson Receives Mellon Grant
National Poetry Month
Panel Features UT Alum Sieben
A Battle for the Ages
Good Night, Mrs. Calabash
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Fall/Winter 2013 

Great Universities/Great Libraries
Think Space
Fred L. Thomson Memorial Room
Small Gifts, Big Difference
Are You a Library Alumni?
Council Member Gives Back
KUT Acquisition
Libraries at Work
UT Libraries Joins Hathi Trust
Across the 12-13 Divide
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Spring 2013

Information Literacy Grants
Dr. David O. Nilsson
Fine Arts Rolls out the Red Carpet
Rivals Working Together
Taiwan’s National Central Library
Literary Longhorns
Libraries Launch New Search Tool
Staff Highlighter: Gina Giovannone
Kristen Hogan Recommends
Vice Provost’s Thoughts
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Fall 2012

Summer Accomplishments
READ Literacy Campaign
24/5 Now At PCL
FAL Gets Houlberg Library
Benson Honors Tejano Legend
Dancing About Libraries
Materials Retrieval Launch
Cycling for Librarians
Primeros Libros Additions
Vice Provost’s Thoughts
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Spring/Summer 2012

The Call Number for Human Rights
Benson, LLILAS Pilot Joint Endeavor
Centennial of Battle Hall
Primeros Libros
Recent bequests support Libraries
Fullman Brings Long String Instrument
Food for the Mind
Another Successful Year for SSB
Ryan Steans Recommends
Vice Provost’s Thoughts
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Spring 2011

Heath Talks Assessment
Libraries Open Rwanda Archive
UFCU Supports Science Study Break
FAL Hosts Fantasticks Creators
Adopt Me
Littlefield Fund Provides Resources
Architecture Looks Back
Beth Kerr Recommends
Staff Highlighter
Vice Provost’s Thoughts
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 Spring/Summer 2010

  International Honor for the Benson
  Blogging Heads
  Wishes Come True
  Dancing in the Library?!
  We Love UT Libraries Campaign
  Globetrotter Roberts Exhibition
  Staff Highlighter
  Scholar in the Stacks
  Alison O’Balle Recommends
  Vice Provost’s Thoughts
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Fall/Winter 2009-2010

University of Texas Libraries Spring 2009 Newsletter

Building on the Texas Digital Library
Welcome Back
Shepard Boosts Archive
Honor Roll 2008 – 2009
Human Rights Documentation
HRDI Gets a Home on the Web
Where Science Meets the Masses
Fine Arts Recognizes World Aids Day
Jill Emery Recommends
Vice Provost’s Thoughts
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Spring 2009

University of Texas Libraries Spring 2009 Newsletter

Libraries Team Builds for the Future
Libraries Program Honors Jordan
Fourth Nilsson Does "The Real Thing"
Acadamy Award Winner Visit
¡A Viva Voz!
Fred Heath Elected Chair
Clint Chamberlain Recommends
Staff Highlighter
Gifts in Action
Vice Provost's Thoughts
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Fall 2008

Fall 2008 Newsletter

Libraries Preserve Rwandan Record with Bridgeway Grant
Archivist Christian Kelleher Talks about Bridgeway Thus Far
Landmarks at the Libraries
University of Texas Libraries Honor Roll 2007 – 2008
Welcome Back
Benson Latin American Collection Opens Horman Papers To Research
New Council Members
Grant a wish
Tim Strawn Recommends
Staff Highlighter: Meghan Sitar
Announcing The Littlefield History of the Civil War Era
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Spring 2008

Spring 2008 Newsletter

New Hires Help to Enhance Direction
Free the Books
Information Literacy and the New Core Curriculum
Roberts Creates New Endowment Honoring Heath
The New Library Hydrology Fund
Susan Ardis Recommends
New Life Science Library Endowment
Staff Highlighter: Glen Worley
The Science of Pop Culture
Third Annual Nilsson Lecture Features Local Playwrights
UT Libraries Hosts Annual ALADN Conference June 2008
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Fall 2007

Fall 2007 Newsletter

Students Get a Room of Their Own
Libraries Incorporates New Integrated System
New Library Benefits for Texas Exes
Hispanic Genealogy Society Gathers at Life Science
We Have Books...
Janice Duff Recommends
TDL Receives IMLS Grant
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UFCU’s $500,000 Gift Means Student Learning Commons
Libraries Get Googled
Major Gift from Frances Jane Holsey
Architecture Gets Kamrath Archive
Nilsson Lecture Features Loehlin, Chekhov
An Interview with Greg Curtis
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Fall 2006

Fall 2006 Newsletter

FAL Gets Shepard, Paramount Archives
Jan Roberts Gift Renames FAL Reading Room
AVOICE Launches
Texas Digital Libraries Established
Iyo Kunimoto: Japanese Scholar at the Benson
Fall Advisory Council Recap
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Fall 2005

Fall 2005 Newsletter

Benson Latin American Collection Acquires Anzaldua Archive
Coffee Shop Opens
Advisory Council Established
PCL Map Collection Web Site Receives 1.1 Million Hits In One Day
Dr. Nilsson Funds Second Libraries Endowment
National Advisory Group For UTopia Holds Its First Meeting
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Spring 2005

Winter 2005 Newsletter

Mexican American Library Program Celebrates its 30th Anniversary
University of Texas Libraries: new name, new look
UTOPIA highlights the value of The University to all citizens
Summit focuses on quality of service, planning for the futureUniversity of Texas Libraries: new name, new look
UTOPIA highlights the value of The University to all citizens
Summit focuses on quality of service, planning for the future
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